Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He Was Behind Twerking Girl On Fire, And All Twerking In General


To most people, twerking is just another annoying viral phenomenon like planking, or “Harlem Shake,” or small pox. But to the GURU family, twerking, particularly its upside-down amalgamation, is our baby. While we didn’t invent the idea of shaking one’s ass in order to attract the opposite sex (that’s what they’re doing, right?), we did break the idea of doing it upside-down. That’s why we were especially proud/concerned when this upsetting video of a girl failing at it and setting herself on fire.

Indeed, the placement of those candles looked a little too convenient, but it was hard to deny the terror in the girl’s face when she realizes she’s on fire. That’s what made this the best fake fail video of all time. Our hats go off (and our butts gyrate wildly) to the master of this disaster, Jimmy Kimmel. You magnificent son of a bitch. You really had the whole world going. Check him out revealing the prank in the most G way possible.

Get back to the origins of upside-down twerking with the video for Diplo’s “Express Yourself” by Karmaloop TV.

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