STYLE GUIDE: The Freshest Fits To Rock With The Powder Blue Jordan 3s


With the Powder Blue Jordan 3’s scheduled to release on the 18th, it’s only right you start prepping some of your outfits a few days in advance. Being the iconic shoes that they are, it’s safe to say these will be gone off the shelves quicker than turkeys before Thanksgiving. Jordan Brand hasn’t done an all sky blue sneaker in a while, maybe even dating back to the Carolina 1’s, so we’re curious to see how these do in terms of popularity.

We both know there’s no point in buying Jordans if you’re not gonna lace the rest of your outfit. Since we know you’re going to be busy trying to find the easiest way to get your hands on these (please don’t want in line for 19 hours), we went ahead and compiled some of our favorite pieces to match ’em up with. As you can see, we went with mostly chambrays and subtle hues, allowing you to give the kicks the shine they deserve.

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