Insane GIFs Of Josh Zickert Doing Kickflips In Our Studio [VANS]


Josh Zickert is not only a pro skater, globetrotter and CEO–he’s also a pretty chill guy. Whether shredding the streets of Moscow, olleying over buildings in Mumbai, or blowing minds at Art Basel in Miami, JZ makes everything look easy and natural.

Since he spends most of his time in NYC these days, we had to have him come by the office. Lucky for us, he brought his deck. Lucky for him, we had five pairs of super fresh, brand new Vans kicks.

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How did Natural Koncept come to be?

Natural Koncept started in Hawaii with the concept of graffiti driven graphics by the one and only Katch1.

That was in 1994. Our crew of skaters is spread from Hawaii to Portland to Minneapolis to Denver to NYC to Washington DC. Even the legendary David Gonzalez was on flow for NK in Medellin, Colombia as a kid.

Our posse consists of: Choppy Omega, Kale Sandridge, Katch, Dave Davis, Chris Kays, Sean Reilly, Adrian McElhaney, Brendan Leung, Bob Gnarly, Cmart, Boner & myself.


What’s your favorite trick?

My favorite trick is the no-comply on the street. Any type of street gap or natural tranny is what I’m seeking out across the globe. Just all natural metropolis-type marble embankments are the bomb!!

Who’s an up and coming skater we should be keeping our eyes on?

Brandon “Boner” Bonner. He’s our young gun over at NK. He’s gritty and so steezy. He ollied the Canadian Embassy 21-stair. He’s turning pro soon!!!


You’ve skated all over the world. Between Russia, China, India, and the US, who partied the hardest?

Between Russia, China, India and the U.S… I’d say the Russian’s drink the most, the Chinese go for it, the people of India would like to party the most, however the USA has all the resources to party the hardest. hahahahaha

Any crazy stories? 

One time in Morocco we were leaving the hotel and I thought the ashtray in the room was cool since it had Casablanca painted on it. So I threw it in the bag and went down to the lobby. As we are getting in our car the police show up and ask to look through all of our bags. Our crew of 5 people were all “yeah, no problem.” I’m like holy shit! Do they really know there is an ash tray missing? So as they are searching my friends bags I slide the ash tray out of my bag and into a planter nearby. Luckily we got out of that one and were off the airport…instead of jail.

What do you look for in a pair of skate shoes?

It’s all about the sole for me. Vans has the grippiest feel ever…and the best colors and steeze. I like a shoe that fits your feet and isn’t bulky. Vans shoes rule.



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