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Justin Bieber Gets Sensual With R. Kelly For “PYD” [GURU Bootleg]

Bieber fans have had a tough month. They’ve had to defend the pop star against countless new allegations which seem to surface every day. The Canadian singer has been caught with a prostitute, caught spray painting racist things, and caught just being a dick in general. The entire continent of Australia just basically told him, “Sorry, Justin. We don’t really want you.” You’ve got to hand it to the kid, though. Through it all, he’s been consistently releasing new music every Monday, and in the end, isn’t it music we want from our musicians?

We’ve noticed Justin Bieber getting more and more R. Kelly-esque with his latest singles. He’s been on a serious RnB kick, with heavily-auto-tuned, embellished vocal runs over sparse, sensual beats. Today he released his newest effort featuring the man himself. The song is basically a road-map detailing all the locations Bieber is ready to sex you on, the majority of which are in the living room or kitchen. Honestly, the whole thing smells a bit fishy to us. “PYD” stands for “Put You Down,” a line repeated over and over in the track. While that phrase may stand for something sensual and sexy these days, it’s traditional connotation along with the fact that both of these artists have been caught up in controversial sexual scandals make the track feel… weird. It wouldn’t feel right making love to this track. Too many freaky connotations.

As part of an on-going initiative to #MakeBieberGood, we had to flip this track. We turned his lyrics into pads, Kelly’s crooning into synths, and added some of our signature drums. Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to stay tuned for more tracks in our effort to #MakeBieberGood.

Seems like the Biebs is thinking with his Dickies on this one. 

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