Kanye Has A Rare Humble Moment While Reflecting On College Dropout’s 10th Anniversary


A Humble Kanye appearance is rare but always appreciated. Though many media outlets are compiling these and calling it a “press release,” we’ll keep it real and deliver them to you how they were originally expressed. Via Twitter.

There is no denying the genius that is Kanye West’s debut album, College Dropout. It undoubtedly transformed the hip-hop terrain and redefined what was “acceptable” or not. Here was a kid from Chicago rapping on stage in a pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt with a Louis Vuitton backpack on. What kinda shit was that?

What it was, was an honest expression of artist’s feelings, undeterred or blemished by what the so called “norms” were at the time. But, we won’t sit here and academically dissect Kanye’s personality and ignore how dope the album was from a musical standpoint. The samples, the drums, the concepts, collaborations..everything was on point. Kanye’s hunger was evident in every verse he spit; he was here to stake his claim and make you feel him, regardless of what you thought about him or his brightly colored clothing.

As today marks the 10th Anniversary of the album’s release, the interwebs are flooded with retrospective looks at the modern day classic, and there are tons of things to read through. We found it quite refreshing that Ye took the time to share how feels, and honestly, he did a pretty good job summing it all. Read through the tweets below and let College Dropout ring through your laptop speakers today. Thanks again, Kanye.

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