Kanye West Announces Yeezus Tour With Kendrick Lamar


This will be epic. Kanye tweeted this about an hour ago and it’s getting about a thousand retweets a minute. We strongly urge you to buy tickets as soon as they are available–this shit is gonna sell out in SECONDS.

A few reasons why we’re pumped:

1. The artwork is stunning.

2. Kanye hasn’t done a solo tour in five years. He’s GOT to have a lot of pent-up theatrics to let out. He’s GOT to go HAM.

3. He’s keeping it mysterious. Other than giving us tour dates, he only gives one clue as to who else will be rocking with him: Kendrick Lamar (plus special guests). Kendrick is, hands down, the best hip hop performer right now–his crowd control is unmatched. Him and Ye on stage for multiple dates? Yes, please.

Peep the tour dates:


We know this much. We will most definitely be at Barclay’s Center on November 19th. And we will have cameras. So stay tuned.


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