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Yeezus Steps into the Karmaloop Studio On The Breakfast Club For The Realest Interview Ever

Yeezus, aka The Louis Vuitton Don aka Mr. West, blazed through The Breakfast Club this morning for one of the most epic interviews of all time. Teetering between insane and inspirational, Kanye spews a lot of truth in his 40 minute appearance.

Unfazed by Charlemagne calling him “Kanye Kardashian” and telling him Yeezus sucked, ‘Ye launches into a tirade about how he plans to uproot the structure at some of (previously) favorite corporations. Kanye tells us the list of companies he has been dissed by which include Nike, Louis Vuitton, Fendi are more. Allegedly, the president of Louis Vuitton asked, “Why would I need to take a meeting with Kanye West?” when Yeezy was looking to discuss some new ideas with him. Yeah, that probably wasn’t a smart move, boss. Given the recent news that Ye will be ditching Nike for Adidas, it seems like a lot of corporations are sleeping on the power of Yeezus.

Ye goes onto explain that Kim Kardashian is the new Marilyn Monroe, how the Bound 2 video was meant to be a joke, and what level his Bullshit Meter is currently on. It’s hard to do this interview justice through words through. Click above to watch one of the realest Kanye moments in a minute.

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