Karmaloop Presents: Levi’s, the Company that Invented JEANS, Launches a Skateboarding Collection


Levi’s has been on top of their denim game for a while now- forever in fact, since they happened to invent jeans.  Applying about oh, 140 years of expertise, Levi’s developed an extremely durable line for their new Skateboarding Collection.

If you know anything about skatewear, you know that you can’t rock any frail shit. In the ’90s, skaters wore baggy jeans (yes, even JNCO’s) and Thrasher t-shirts.  A couple decades later however, it’s has slimmed down and styled up a bit, and Levi’s merged the OG ruggedness with more contemporary silhouettes. Check out these items from their new collection and stock up with the crazy sale going on at Karmaloop now (hint: we’re talking 40% off).


1. The Skate Fleece Crewneck 


2. The 504 Skate Collection Jeans 


3. The Skate Manual Buttondown 




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