KarmaloopTV And Do Androids Dance Keep The Rage Alive For Peligrosa SXSW [Day 3 Recap]

by Brent Tactic for Do Androids Dance

Last night at the ongoing SXSW 2014 flex we’re doing with Peligrosa and Karmaloop totally got locked in on all that’s right with the world.  Creative collaborations, new and exciting things, and a crew of folks all trying make good things happen.  Vibes were definitely the focus and things honestly just escalated all night.  Coolest thing about last night was the heads that were just hanging out and chilling in the room, which you can get a sense of in the video recap up above.

Things jumped off with the Bombon crew, who we featured here already earlier this week, and the cumbia party vibes were fantastic to kick things off.  The Body Rock folks followed up with fresh take on classic hip-hop block party feels with a nice dose of Latin influence. DJ Wonder, from Sway In The Morning, rocked a wickedly ominous set of hip-hop and uptempo joints. Styles & Complete upped the ante into full blown rager status though with their take on twerk and trap.  Following that, we got a once in a lifetime back-to-back set from Infuze and Computer Club.  Shit was so rare that Infuze actually told me afterwards that it was a dream come true for him… real talk.

Joao Brasil revisted things from Tuesday with his live P.A. baile funk / turnup that kept things flowing like a champ.  Then the DAD homie Dirty South Joe stepped through and played one of the TOUGHEST sets I’ve heard all week.  Exclusive after exclusive that basically made everyone vibe as much as it made their faces melt.  On the special tip to close out the night, Jubilee shut everything down with a back-to-back set with special guest Star Eyes (who did splits in real life after the show on the real) that saw Zuzuka Poderosa get on for some hype shit that just felt perfect.  All in all, I’m just beyond any more words at this point… and we still have two more nights to go. Turn up.

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