10 Deep: How Scott Sasso Created A Streetwear Empire (Video)

It’s pretty simple: when you think of streetwear, you think of 10 Deep. As one of the first movers in the genre, they have been successfully slinging their product since the mid 1990s. That means they were doing their thing way before streetwear became trendy, popular or a high profit game. The man behind the machine, founder and designer Scott Sasso, is widely regarded as a trail blazer and a muhfuckin’ genius.

Last Year KarmaloopTV sat down with Mr. Sasso and picked his brain about the origins of the brand, his biggest challenges and what he visualizes for the future. One of the most captivating moments is when he describes his reluctance to try an “all-over” print collection a few summers ago and then watching it catch on like it did. It’s rare to find a person as humble and genuine as Sasso, and to see his creativity and passion for the brand only reinforced why 10 Deep has been on the top of the food chain for so many years.

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