Beyonce’s “No Angel” – Directed By KarmaloopTV – Finally Available on YouTube!

Where were you the day Beyonce shut the internet down by randomly releasing a new album? While most of the world was in shock and scrambling to get to iTunes, the KarmaloopTV team had their feet up, eager to see how everything was going to play out. That’s because the part of the KTV production team, including LIL INTERNET, Shomi Patwary and Thuan Tran, had been hand picked by Beyonce to direct one of the videos from the album a few months prior.

KarmaloopTV spent five days in Houston, rolling around with some of the most legendary figures of the south, including Bun B, Paul Wall, Willie D, Johnny Dang, and more, filming in areas that rarely get the exposure they deserve. According to LIL INTERNET:

Everyone was very welcoming in Houston, but we did have a little problem with food.  The joke was that Houston’s food group pyramid is a triangle with a chicken wing in it.  There were some little cultural things too that we found funny. We were constantly being approached by dudes selling their own brand of “Anti Blunt Smell Spray”.  I guess everyone is smokin’ blunts and driving around, so that’s a really popular product apparently.

Another odd thing was the amount of South Park Mexican CDs for sale in the gas stations there.  I think he’s in jail for life on some pedophilia charges or something.  Would you buy an accused pedophile’s CD at a gas station?  Overall, everyone we met and hung out with was amazing.  Houston really is a friendly city.  Everything is bigger in Texas, even the smiles.

Wait, something called Anti Blunt Smell Spray actually exists?

Watch LIL INTERNET further explain how the “No Angel” video came to life:

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