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Katy Perry Isn’t Impressing Gitoo In Her New Dark Horse Video

So, since Katy Perry’s new banger “Dark Horse” feat Juicy J is currently my favorite song to blast in the limo on my way to Diddy‘s mansion parties (in my head of course),¬†I was pumped to see they made a video to go with it! But after watching I was like “Oh.”

It’s like, I get the whole Egyptian queen idea and artistically they pretty much nailed it, but I’d rather see Katy Perry doing way more splits on the pole than fake acting in a (semi) poppin’ wig:


As you can tell I was pretty disappointed by the video, or better yet the concept. It just looks like they spent way too much money to create a video that slows down the song. Like, whose idea was it to get to the video shoot and turn all the way down? The best part of the song is obviously the beat drop, which they totally dulled down and kinda ignored. Why wasn’t Katy Perry and her back up pharaoh dancer pop lock and dropping all over this bitch?!

It’s pretty clear they didn’t reference Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time¬†because that was full of Egyptians with some swag!:


If it were up to me, Katy perry would have on booty shorts while twerking her ass off (literally, she needs a new one ) as Juicy J throws dollars (preferably $100′s) on a yacht while sipping champagne out of straws! But unfortunately it wasn’t my call so we’re left with this! So here’s the moral of this story: hire me to make your videos actually poppin!


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