Kendrick Lamar Saves Jhené Aiko’s New Track “Stay Ready” [NEW MUSIC]

Jhené Aiko has a relatively generic RnB sound. Her melodies are smooth and pleasant and her voice is relaxing, but it’s all a bit nondescript–great background music, but not much substance. With the exception of an interesting break-down about three minutes into the track, her newest effort, Stay Ready (What A Life), is more of the same.

Kendrick, on the other hand, is consistently on some other shit. His versatility is almost scary.  It’s like every track he touches, regardless of how it started, turns to gold. His verse on this track, for example, is one of those verses that sound great the first time you hear it, but you have to go back and listen to a few times to really appreciate.  He channels Andre 3000’s experimental cadence while riding the beat in a uniquely Kendrick way. You can never predict what he’s going to say next, or how he’s going to say it. There’s no one else close to his level in the game right now.

Let us know what you think of the track, and be sure to download Jhene’s new EP titled Sail Out, out today.

Stay dry the next time you go sailing. 


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