Kenna – “Love Is Still Alive” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

We’ve been hoping for a video for this track–Kenna stopped by our SoHo office a few weeks back to play us a few new tracks, and since then, we’ve been bumping his tunes on repeat. We even flipped it into a GURU banger.

The Ethiopian-born artist came up with the Neptunes crew, and you can hear it in the crispy weirdness of his music. What’s really impressive about Kenna is his ability to innovate across the board. For example, he’s integral in the current resurgence of MySpace, and he’s responsible for some of the most significant, inventive charities around. Even his roll-out structure for his new record is forward thinking–he’s dropping a themed, three-EP release, each produced by a different heavy hitter.

After watching his ethereal video for “Love Is Still Alive,” we’re even more pumped for the release of part 3, which will be produced by one of the legends of music, RJD2 himself.

Let the good vibes overtake your outfit. 




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