Learn How To Regift The Right Way With Kevin Hart

We know, we know. One of your uncles forgot to go to Karmaloop this year, and you ended up getting a couple shitty gifts. Before you bury your head in your hands and contemplate the universe ending, consider your options. Yeah, you could send it straight to trash or put in on a shelf never to be seen again, OR you could master the art of regifting.

Though regifting is often considered more dangerous than The Manhattan Project, Kevin Hart manages to make seem so simple. Watch the video above to learn the rules, and then check out our own Gitoo and Bollywood Hogan giving you the lowdown on the hottest holiday gift items below.

(Warning: watching these might result in your spitting out your water from laughter.)

Gitoo‘s Gift Guide 

Bollywood Hogan‘s Gift Guide 

Gitoo‘s Gift Guide (Part 2)

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