Walter White And Raekwon Have More In Common Than You Think


America’s favorite tragic hero, Walter White, is one crazy muthafucka. Whether he’s cooking meth in a trailer van, lying about having cancer, or ducking DEA agents (who happen to be his brother-in-law), there’s never dull moment in his life.

Now in the midst of all the drugs and money, what you might’ve ignored is Walt’s affinity for hip-hop fashion. Yes, hip-hop fashion. Throughout the show, he is very particular about his footwear, just like all OGs should be. After a little investigation, we discovered that Walt’s shoe of choice is the highly revered Clark’s Wallabees. Now, Clark’s Footwear has a very storied history, originally starting as a wool stapling business in Somerset, England in 1825. Ok cool story bro, but what the hell does that have to do with hip-hop?

See, Wallabees (or Wallys, as they are commonly referred to), weren’t popping until the almighty Ghostface and Raekwon put them on the cover of the rap classic, Ironman. Peep game.

In case you can’t see, thats Ghost, Rae and Cappadonna dying different pairs of Wallabee shoes to get the color combinations they want. Pretty damn gangster. Though Walt didn’t have the time to get the blueberry/watermelon color combination, he took the cue from The Clan and ran with it.


Here he goes again, this time with the all black joints.


Matter fact, Walter loved these shoes so damn much, he took to to write a glowing review.

At this point, we wouldn’t want to be caught dead without a pair of Wallys. Whether you’re cooking meth or not, having a pair on deck is essential. Check out some of the joints we carry at Karmaloop.



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