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[KICKS] The Hottest Post-Cyber Monday Deals On Internet!


Cyber Monday, a day for shoppers wise enough to capitalize on insane deals and cautious enough not to risk their physical wellbeing on Black Friday, is officially over. We consider ourselves pretty wise, but occasionally, we are known to throw caution to the wind. For example, we decided to extend our berserk sales past Cyber Monday. When people hear we’re giving 40% off on orders over $350, plus a $25 coupon on any future purchase, they think we’re crazy. Then they hear that we gave away $25,000 on our Cyber Vision Monday freak-a-thon event, and they’re sure we’re crazy. Well, maybe we are. We just want to get the dopest streetwear into your closets and onto your feet.

Here are some of the wildest deals on the dopest kicks on Karmaloop available today:

1. The Clarks Originals Tawyer Lo Sneaker

Suede, baby. These Clarks were inspired by the Wallaby, but they stay true to the clarks style with an athletic look. Pair these with some selvedge denim or chinos and ooze that class.

DEAL: $15% OFF

2. The HUF HR-1 Sneaker in Grey & Navy

That’s right, the brand that makes your favorite hats and socks also makes some fly-ass kicks. These new joints are inspired by a hiking boot silhouette, and they feature an upper constructed of premium leather. They’re a perfect combination of street-retro running shoe and outdoors hiking boot.


3. The Vans Footwear Era CA Sneaker


We’re really crazy for this one. These Vans are a perfect way for you to show your fun side–the polka dot detail, twill/chambray upper, and light blue color make these sneakers a subdued yet eye-catching addition to your collection. The best part? This:


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