Korea vs. Japan vs. Puerto Rico vs. Jamaica: Who Wins? [Good Wood NYC Drop]


wood chain goodwood nyc wooden necklace

Good Wood NYC just dropped some necklaces that let you rep your country of origin. It’s kind of a contest in a way- which ever one sells out first has the nation that rep the hardest.  But till then, let’s do a little compare and contrast, shall we?

good wood necklace jamaican necklace wood chainJAMAICA

Ok so Jamaica has a bunch of cool shit going for it.  A tiny island with killer music, weed, and tropical beaches- all good things.  It’s pretty poor though, but money isn’t everything, right?  Errr, right?

If you rep Jamaica, you can get the Good Wood NYC Jamaica Necklace here.

good wood nyc good wood necklace korea necklace korea chain wood chainKOREA

Korea is really popping.  It’s neck and neck with Japan for being the most futuristic country.  It’s cellphone game is like worlds ahead of everyone else’s.  Starcraft is a nationally televised sport.  And they are super rich.  However, they have NO WEED.  That’s right, no weed.  Tough call.

If you rep Korea, grab your Good Wood NYC Korea Chain here.

good wood nyc necklace japan necklace wood chainJAPAN

Japan has anime.  ANIME.  They make insanely crazy clothes.  I mean, Korea has dope designers, but Japan gets #trippy with their style, and #trippy is good.  Did I mention anime?  Pokemon?  Like Korea, Japan is also the future, and also has no weed.  Real bummer.  But they invented video games or something.  Final Fantasy.  Sonic the Hedgehog.  Japanese girls.  It’s a strong contender.

Rep Japan with the Good Wood NYC Japan Necklace.

good wood chain puerto rican chain necklacePUERTO RICO

Puerto Rico is not a country I guess, it’s country is AMURICA, hell yeah.  It’s like the reggaeton version of the USA.  The drinking age is still 18 or something.  They know how to party.  The girls are really hot.  They will smack you in the face if you give them lip though.  I dunno, PR is closest to the “Home Team” you know?  They have weed too, among uhh other things.  It’s richer than Jamaica with the same weather…  I guess a lot of it has to do with if you prefer reggaeton or dancehall, that’s a big one.

Show your PR Pride with the Good Wood NYC Puerto Rico Necklace.

So who’s the winner?  I guess we’ll see which one sells out first, but our personal choice is definitely, definitely Japuertomaicarea.

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