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The 5 Best Jogger Pants For Women From MissKL [STYLE GUIDE]


Thank god for the return of jogger pants. For a while, it seemed the style world would never bring us back to the warm shores of elastic ankle cuffs, and that our jeans would get ever skinnier ’til we could no longer breathe. They’re comfortable, they sit perfectly over any shoe, and they are fully back in style.

Plus, they’re versatile as hell. You can pair the jogger pant with a basic tee and oxford shoes to keep it casual, or you can totally dress it up with a crop-top and stilettos for a night out on the town. Either way, strangers will be stopping to scream, “OMG! Give me your pants, I want them.” After that, it’s up to you to put them onto the wonderful world of MissKL.

1. MKL Collective The Secret Garden Jogger Pant 


2. MKL Collective The Challis Pant in Leopard Print


3. MKL Collective The Picasso Jogger Pant in Multi


4. MKL Collective The Picasso Jogger Pant in Multi


5. MKL Collective The Wild Night Jogger Pant in Black and White


Via MissKL

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