Ladies Gift Guide [Part 2]: The Best Gifts For Kitty Lovers


Chances are, you have a lady or two on your list of people for whom to buy Christmas presents. It’s not always easy finding a gift that won’t be received with a fake smile and thank you before being buried deep in their closet, never to be seen again. In the age of the internet, everyone knows someone who’s obsessed with cats. Here is a trio of gifts for your favorite kitten fan.

The first is a Two Piece Intimates Set by Hello Kitty. Hard to say whether it’s more cute or sexy.


Next we have Beloved’s Cat Hoodie, a relaxed sweatshirt with an adorable cat motif. Excuse the pun… but if you know someone who loves cats, you should get this “right meow.” (That was lame. We know. Sorry.) If you like the hoodie but aren’t too keen on cats, check out some of Beloved’s other items. They come in a bunch of great prints like sushisharks, and our personal favorite, pickles.


Finally, we have the Cat Denim Jacket by UNIF. This oversized jacket is quintessentially punk rock and easily one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. You don’t even need to be a cat lover to appreciate it. Plus it has spikes. Can it get any better?




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