Ladies’ Holiday Gift Guide [Part 1]: Three Gifts She Won’t End Up Returning


Chances are, you have a lady or two on your list of people for whom to buy Christmas presents. It’s not always easy finding a gift that won’t be received with a fake smile and thank you before being buried deep in their closet, never to be seen again. Here are GURU’s picks for what to get every female in your life, whether it’s your mother, sister, or that hot girl who works next to you.

1. The Street Level Love Me Or Leave Me Clutch


This bag makes a great present. It works across seasons, can be worn during the daytime or in the evening, and is the perfect size. A good tip for buying bags—go for neutral colors or blacks, especially if you’re not as style conscience as the lady you’re buying for. It’s hard to go wrong when you get a color that works no matter the occasion… or the outfit. It also comes in blue.

2. The Anna Hovet Eleanor Sweatshirt


A lot of people advise against gifting clothing items unless you know the person really well. This is especially true for women. As far as gift items are concerned, it’s a really easy thing to fuck up. What if it doesn’t look good on them? What if it doesn’t fit? What if I buy it in the wrong size and insult them? Here’s a little known secret: sweaters are a whole other ball game. They make excellent gifts. So eschew the stereotype of the “ugly Christmas sweater” with this Cardigan. Like the clutch, this sweater works with a range outfits and most importantly, it fits most body types. (Bonus: throw in this beast if the person you’re giving it to actually wanted an ugly Christmas sweater.)

3. The Random House Best Of Vice Magazine: News, Nutidy And Nonsense


Everyone loves VICE. It’s a quick read, it’s often more interesting than most books out there (except for the ones listed here, of course) and it makes a great coffee table book to boot. All in all, the perfect gift for anyone, not just your favorite lady friend. But she’ll probably love it, too.

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