Lady Gaga has a New Video- and She’s Still an Equal Opportunity Humper [GIF Notes]


Hi world, this weekend marked the first weekend of spring in NYC so I spent it camped out in a tree in Central Park as one normally does, and I missed the internet going cray cray (yes I still use that phrase) over Lady Gaga’s new video G.U.Y.  I dedicated 11 minutes of my life this morning and watched lady Gaga’s new “art”- that’s right I called it art- I mean what else can I call a wilted Gaga-bird shot down in a field of money and reborn into a dancing Versace-Mami in front of a Jesus-like Andy Cohen, while an off beat band full of real housewives play in the background, surrounded by men in suits stealing her money? I mean I could call it confusing and unnecessary but then I’ll just sound like a hater who secretly wishes he was invited to Miami’s Art Basel.  It’s the new millennium people! When you see Lady Gaga’s singing head on top of a yellow Lego cut out body with her heart missing  you kind of just go with it. There are many things we might be uncertain about while watching this video (like why are we even watching it in the first place) but there’s a few things that I see are crystal clear.

Lady Gaga has been doing choreographed numbers in all her videos and still can’t find the beat…



She’s also clearly still embracing her new curves and definitely  isn’t a size 2 anymore, seems like this guy on the right having trouble holding her up…



She still has more money than all of us ..



And she’s still an equal opportunity humper…..



Lady Gaga is at the point where whatever she does she gets an art pass and can basically do no wrong. I even heard she had somebody literally throw up on her during one of her #SXSW performances, and I’ve come to accept that Ill never understand her and what she does and you should accept it too. It will help you sleep better at night.  Or something.




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  1. LJSE

    March 30, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    Morale of the story is that Lady Gaga is thirsty as fuck

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