Lakutis Hits The Streets In His Chinese Slippers For His New Joint


We’ve been tight with the homie Lakutis for a while now. Our very own @illusivemedia directed Lakutis’ video for his banger “To Ill For The Law,” and then went on to cast him as a villainous russian mobster in KarmaloopTV’s “Give ‘Em Hell” video for Prodigy. Not a bad look for anyone per se, but Lak really embodied the role and took it to the next level.

He dropped his newest single, Chinese Slippers, today and it was like a huge sonic slap in the face. Over some thunderous drums, Lakutis proceeds to murder everything with his machine gun flow and show why he’s a force to reckon with this year. Check out what we’re talking about:

Does this joint make y’all want to get ratchet in some Chinese slippers or nah? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Though they ain’t slippers, don’t front like these New Balances aren’t things you’ve seen in a minute.



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