Late Summer Looks To Help Grab Your Winter Girl [STYLE GUIDE]


The East Coast is hot as balls again! The sidewalks are packed full of sweaty bodies, the sun feels like it’s melting your skin, and the only escape from the heat is the nasty, crowded subway trains. And just when we thought fall was here…

With the turn in the weather, we’ve come up with a few outfits off Karmaloop to keep your cool-ass asses cool. And who knows, maybe these new threads will even help you find a winter girlfriend. Just sayin!

1. Rich Blazer


Nothing says, “Look at me, bitches!” like a gold chain and a How-To guide to blunt rolling on your tank top. This look lets people know you’ve got trees, you roll tight-ass Ls, and are def down to blaze. Who doesn’t like that?

2. Sporty-Casual 


Camo is EVERYWHERE right now. Camo for hip hop heads is like red flannel for hipsters. If you don’t believe us, get your ass to an A$AP show immediately, and you’ll see every motherfucker in there wearing that shit. Pairing these shorts with a patrioticly-colored tank is the best way to set ’em off and show off your guns to boot.

3. Educated Hippy

Too fresh

Acid wash jeans and tie dye says two things about you. One: I’m mad smart cuz’ I took my ass to college and graduated and shit! And two: I’m down for anything, and I mean anything. Girls love a guy who’s down and won’t ¬†judge them for getting wild. Now you can show the ladies you’re that person.

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