Learn How To Dress Like An Animal Meme With Some Help From Vans [Style Guide]


Have you just always loved animal memes? Does a puppy or cat scampering across your computer screen (or real life) always make your heart skip a beat? Do you sometimes walk the long way home through the park just to catch glimpses of your furry friends xyzing in the sand?

Well, Vans has just the thing to cure your fever. Teaming with animal advocate group ASPCA, they bring us this hilarious/cute/borderline trippy (circle one) collab, featuring all of your favorite neighborhood friends in one spot. Though we’re not exactly sure when you would wear these, we could see you shutting things down on Halloween, New York Fashion Week, a theme party or National Puppy Day (yes, that is a thing).

We’ll leave it up to you to decide when and how to rock these, but don’t let your day pass without giving an animal meme outfit some serious consideration. Mush on, partner.

1. Vans Footwear x ASPCA Sk8-Hi Slim Sneaker in Dog Print



Dogs and hi-tops. What more could you want?

2. Vans x Aspca Beach Girl Cat Trucker Hat




Off the wall. With animals.

3. Vans Footwear x ASPCA Authentic Sneaker in Cat Print




Cats + low tops = happy summer.

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