This Is NOT Legal Advice [Round Two]

We all have legal concerns. Lucky for you, GURU’s got a master law-woman on retainer. In this series, Ms. Esquire answers all your pressing legal enquiries. Please bear in mind that this is not legal advice.


I am 16 and I sexted a naked picture of myself to my 19-year-old boyfriend. Am I a now a child pornographer? Is he???


Ms. Esquire: Each state has its own laws regarding what the age of consent is with respect to sexual contact. In New York, it’s 17. And then on top of that, there are additional rules like, what would constitute a misdemeanor, what would constitute a felony, etc. It’s way too much to get into here, so I’ll make it short regarding how this plays into child pornography: If you’re 16 and have a 19 year old boyfriend, just be aware that your boyfriend can be in trouble for any sexual contact with you, and can also be in trouble for soliciting obscene material from a minor or for possessing child porn.


From my bathroom, I have a clear view of my neighbors bedroom, and it just so happens that she is in there changing at exactly the same time as I am taking a shit every morning. Is it illegal for me to turn my head toward my window while she is changing?

Ms. Esquire: I’m imagining this neighbor to be a 70 year old grandma hunched over with wrinkly skin everywhere and sagging breasts, because otherwise I would be slightly jealous. Enjoy– it’s totally legal.

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