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Levi’s Introduces New Line: Made & Crafted Fall Lookbook ’13


One of the most iconic brands in American fashion has decided to up the stakes again. Levi’s, the bellwether for denim jeans around the world, introduces a new line for the fall 2013: Made & Crafted. A first look at this line reveals a different side of Levi’s. We see more playful patterns, different color palettes and motifs we haven’t seen before. Basically, it’s some pretty wavy stuff.

Supposedly, the Levi’s team was camped out near Lake Heron in Detroit during the design process for this line, which probably explains some of the heavier cotton on the sweaters and cardigans. You can’t be posted out in Detroit unless you warm, yo.

Scroll down to see more from Made & Crafted. Do you think this has the potential to be a staple brand in the Levi’s collection?






If you are like us, you are looking for some new Levi’s pieces for your wardrobe right now. We got you covered, bro. 

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