That Life Ep. 26: Carissa Rossi Chops It Up With Lil Debbie

Rappers are some of the most blunt, enigmatic, and outspoken people in the industry. Between all the cars, clothes, and hoes, where does love reside? Romantic endeavors within the rap industry are a dime a dozen, but only a few have existed to last until this very day.  Can relationships thrive in hip-hop? Let’s dive back and take a look at a history of past rap relationships. For more answers, check out KTV’s latest episode of That Life with Carissa Rossi, as she interviews Lil Debbie on dating, entrepreneurship, and abstinence until $10mil. Untitled

Drake and Nicki Minaj: Well he did say that he would marry Nicki just to say he f*cking did it… DJ Khaled almost beat him to the punch when he proposed in what was a very awkward PSA on MTV. Although it was a merely promotional stunt, you have to wonder if Drizzy is hurting behind the scenes.





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