Following trends is such a chore– it’s a lot more fun to make them up, which is why I (hyperstylist and metacultural polymath @LILGOVERNMENT) bring you #ALWAYSTHELOOK, a weekly exploration into new style archetypes to add to your repertoire. This web column is a software update for your wardrobe, melding suggestions to liven up what you’ve got while tempting you with #essential new pieces to add. Watch for additonal related product picks throughout each week, and follow me on twitter for more rants and new work.


The Tasha Bag in Clear Day

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.31.29 PM

The clear purse is the mood ring of 2013, instantly adapting to the aesthetic of its contents. Let this look eliminate needless hassle in airport security lines, while showcasing your almost-finished crossword puzzle to the admiring general public. Included with the bag is a life lesson on how not to be a slob and use your purse as a vessel for gum wrappers and dirty change.

A pouch is included should you wish to conceal anything such as feminine products, meds, or Robert Pattinson fan photos. Be the girl (or guy) with nothing to hide this season + cop this affordable essential.


The Harkins Shoe in Multi

Crazy colors make an amazing shoe

When it comes to shoes, I say go high or go home, and home is the last place you’ll wanna go in these skyward printed platforms. The clashing fluoro print and busy chevron stripes may be trippy, but you shouldn’t be; precarious as they may look, these are much more comfortable and easy-to-walk-in, at least for the somewhat seasoned heel addict.

This shape is really versatile in that it works for any season but the dead of winter, with a variety of skirt, short or pant options. Skinny jeans or leggings are always an option, but if you really want to push this look, I’d recommend a long, tapering flare that ends slightly below the top of your foot. Keep the top fitted and basic, and the mile-long look of your legs will break the stigma of middle school flares or “mom” boot cut. I promise.


The Sunstone Cage Detail Bikini Set in Harlequin

What a great print

It’s not always black-and-white IRL, but graphic meets classic is #ALWAYSTHELOOK as far as style is concerned. It’s not always easy to find a simple, flattering bikini that also avoids clichéd shapes and details, but this one from Motel will be at home off the beach as well as on. Wear the top under a white basketball jersey with cutoffs, or throw on the full set under a drapey, oversized tee with some AF1 mid’s for a relaxed summer look.

Embrace your checkered past with this strong look, that happens to be gently priced.

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