Listen To Tame Impala’s Creative Process With This New Demo Track Off Lonerism


It’s always refreshing when artists release demo versions of certain tracks, giving us a little in-the-studio peak at the creative process and how it sounded before it went under “beautification” for the radio. One of the most famous versions of this is Jai Paul’s “Jasmine,” and despite it being a cult-classic, it seems that the demo is the only version of this song that exists.

Kevin Parker of [emuze]Tame Impala[/emuze] recently leaked a demo version of their (now) very well known song, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” and though its way different from the final version, it helps us get a feel for how this song was built. Click play and give this a spin, whether you’re a die hard fan or an aspiring musician. Who knows, you might just get inspired.

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