Shut Up And Button Down [STYLE GUIDE]


Wintertime means more long sleeve shirts, but you can’t always rock just crewnecks and sweaters. Since it’s way too cold to wear polo shirts, long sleeve buttondowns is the move. Buttondown shirts function great when worn alone, but look even better when layered with certain outerwear, such as cardigans.

The print and patterning is the most important aspect of a buttondown; it’s what gives the outfit personality and character. However, if the print doesn’t match the season you’re in, you’re doing it wrong. Colder weather calls for more subdued patterns, muted colors and a general winter-appropriate aesthetic.

To make sure you’re not sporting hawaiian floral prints in 30 degree weather, we put this style guide together to help navigate the months ahead. Thank us later.

1. Mark Jonster Desert Camo Buttondown

Nothing is better prepared for the elements than camo. This shirt from Mark Jonster features 100% premium cotton, a great level of detailing in the stitching and generally mean feel. Pair this with a pair of raw denim jeans next time you step out of the crib.


2. Crooks and Castles Long Range Buttondown

Crooks rarely does wrong, and this all-over-print buttondown is a choice piece for the winter. Featuring a subdued olive tone and high quality materials throughout, this makes a good shirt to layer with a cardigan or varsity jacket.


3. LRG 47th Cavalry Buttondown

You can never go wrong with chambray. LRG flips the whole script by giving us 3 different shades of it with this buttondown. We’re loving the tri-color feel of this for the winter. Just be careful not to wear this with jeans (hint: Canadian tuxedo alert).



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