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Esta In Paradise

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to be working at Karmaloop, but every now and then we’re reminded exactly how lucky we are. While our peers throw on suits, hard hats or doctor scrubs to go to work, we get to wake up and chill with our favorite musicians. During a cold Wednesday last month, our west coast homie, Esta, was in town for a show at the Middle East Club in Boston on the road for his Paraside Tour, and we knew we had to hit him up.

We had him come through our office in the morning and spent our time being as useless as possible, sharing laughs over some #SelfieOlympics hashtags on Instagram, investigating all the various types and uses of ‘Bae’ and ending our meeting by grabbing lunch at some restaurant with a surfboard-shaped table at a cafe in the heart of downtown.

However, all was not lost and did find some time to talk music, the Lakers and more with the dynamic producer. Oh, and we got him to lay down an exclusive mix to kick off our KLX Mix Series. Not bad for a day’s work, eh?

Read the full feature here: http://kloop.ly/1mHNwed

Let’s talk about the label. How did you end up joining Soulection?

One of the cofounders of Soulection (Andre Power) was attending this beach showcase I was a part of a few years ago. He then showed my music to Joe Kay after that showcase. After that, Joe Kay reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to put out a project under Soulection and I became an official artist after that.

What is your process for coming up with an idea for a new beat?

It definitely always varies, but it just always starts off with a first idea. It could be drums or drum patterns, or simple sounds that I find intriguing. And then it’ll just go from there. Like, we were watching “Coming To America” when we were in New York… and then, I heard the Peaches rap…. I thought, maybe I could put that into some ratchet beat. It’s on SoundCloud right now. It’s doing pretty well, too. (laughs)

What are your top five female acapella samples?

Aaliyah, Aaliyah, Aaliyah, Aaliyah. (Laughter) Man…with Janet and Aaliyah, you could chop those up for days. I just gotta give it to them two. There’s so many things you can do with just those two artists.Alright, now it’s time to get to know Esta, the man. It seems like you’re not afraid to have fun and be yourself on social media. How important is it to you that you show your personality to your fans?

It’s very important because I think people take it too seriously. On social media everyone’s trying to be someone they’re not. What you see is exactly who I am. It’s almost weirder for me to be serious.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I feel like every day is a day off ’cause I enjoy what I do. I’m just constantly thinking about music.

If you weren’t a producer… you would be?

A Basketball player.


Too short for anything but a point.

What team would you want to play for?

Lakers. I wanna be a part of the Shaq/Kobe era. Like early 2000’s. Afro-Kobe. Fro-be.

Ok, more importantly, which member of Dru Hill would you be and why?

I would wanna be Sisqo ’cause he walked on girls… in the Thong Song music video. Jesus walked on water, right?

What would your last meal be?

You know what? I would still say McDonalds! I think just like a grip of large fries and then make them into carne asada fries. I think I’d be cool with that.

Now, how’s life for you now? Has life changed since you’ve seen your SoundCloud following grow?

Esta: Yeah, I would say people just show me a little bit more love (laughs). But it’s cool that I could touch down in a city and I won’t know anything or know where to be but people are down to hit me up and show me around. It’s crazy. It’s pretty cool, though.

Have you lost the ability to keep side chicks quiet? Are you that famous?

Esta: (laughs) I don’t wanna answer that question.

Anyway, how has the Paradise Tour been so far?

Esta: Tiring but amazing. It’s trippy to think it’s all for music. Traveling and doing what I love is dope.

So you hopefully have an album dropping this year. Who’s one person that you definitely want on your album if you could get anybody?

Esta: Mos Def. He’s my favorite artist. But if it’s someone in the game right now, I’d say Schoolboy Q.

Do you have any questions for Karmaloop?

Esta: Could I get more clothes?(laughter)

Esta is currently working on a debut album to be released through Soulection this year. Follow him on Soundcloud for more information on Esta. Stay tuned for the next guest on our KLX Mix Series!

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