Mac Miller Gives Your Old Droog The Perfect Beat To Sound More Like Nas On


Is it Nas or no? If you’ve missed the hype around Your Old Droog, then let us fill you in. A couple months ago, a strange sounding rapper emerged on the underground NYC hip-hop scene. Not strange in a bad sense, but rather that he sounded exactly like Nas. Fans and critics went crazy trying to figure it out, with a war of words going between certain bloggers going down in the midst of it all. 

If it means anything, our inside sources have confirmed that Droog is definitely not Nas, and rather just has a voice that is all too similar and nothing more. However, the public still doesn’t seem convinced. On his latest joint, Droog gets with Mac Miller in his producerial essence, and gets laced with this grimey, boombap slapper, allowing Droog to flex his vintage-NYC bars in full form. Check it for yourself:

So, whats your opinion? Is that really Nas or not?

Don’t let the summer pass without getting laced. 



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