Mac Miller: Live From Space In London On The Internet

Last summer, the hip-hop world thanked Mac Miller for his album Watching Movies With The Sound Off. It was a powerhouse record featuring Mac’s own heat, alongside some of the illest minds out there: Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson, Tyler, Lotus, Diplo. It was EZ Mac that taught us on” S.D.S.” that it’s OK to fall asleep “watching Dawson’s Creek” (or at least, it’s OK to talk about it) and to never get drunk with him because he will undoubtedly “cut your head off and leave it dangling” (Jameson can bring that out in people).

Now, Miller has graced the airwaves with a compilation of live songs from his Space Migration Tour, on which he was backed by The Internet. If you couldn’t hitch a ride to London to catch The Internet match their modern brand of funk with Miller’s crazy lyricism, Live From Space is an album that does their partnership justice. Stream the whole thing here, or you can cop it off of iTunes.

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