Mack Wilds Protects Himself From Evil Spirits, Facetimes With Fans And More On KarmaloopTV

Mack Wilds is damn near unstoppable. From being nominated for a Grammy, to being everywhere at SXSW this year, to being on the minds of every girl on Twitter, he is a force that is here to stay. On a recent NYC visit, we had him come through the KarmaloopTV office to pick his brain and see what all the buzz is really about.

With a natural poise and charisma that is indicative of a star in the making, Mack broke down exactly why he decided to give out his number to the public and Facetime with fans during a recent tour. Talk about dedication.

Our favorite moment came when we asked him about a tattoo we spotted on his right hand, and heard one of the best stories behind a tattoo maybe ever. Click play to watch Mack tell us his tour bus essentials, his goals for the upcoming year and more. Go Mack, go.


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