Madlib Opens Up To Benji B On BBC

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Madlib is an enigma. He’s the modern day Thelonius Monk. The California-born beatsmith was a seminal force in crafting the sound of modern hip hop. His work with Dilla and Doom has influenced countless producers and rappers from around the world, and his vast catalog puts even the most prolific musicians to shame.

“Eccentric” doesn’t quite do Madlib justice. You rarely see interviews with him, as he’s notoriously hard to pin down. So this new interview and hour-long DJ mix is very rare. He talks to Benji B about a slew of personal topics, and is uncharacteristically open and straightforward. Around 22:48 in, he goes into detail about his relationship with J Dilla, how they met, what it was like digging with him, and how his sickness and death effected him. He goes on to speak with surprising candor about past and future projects, his creative mentality, and the current state of hip hop. This is the kind of interview people will be listening to for months to come. It’s packed with nuggets of gold that’ll delight hip hop lovers everywhere.

Click here to stream the interview on BBC.

Through out the interview, Madlib drops unreleased, old and new music–Quasimoto, Madvillain, Mos Def, and Jaylib, to name a few. This whole podcast is a must-listen for beat-heads. Throw on your headphones, vibe out, and learn something!

Are you feeling nostalgic about real hip hop right now? Us too. 


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