Major Lazer Announces New EP Through A Flurry Of Dancing Girls And Strobe Lights

Any news that concerns Major Lazer EP literally drives their fans into a bout of dizzying euphoria. After looking at the video above, it’s a lot easier to see why. With their new Apocalypse Soon EP,  dropping on the 25th of February, it looks like it’s gonna be Diplo season all over again. Featuring a slew of guests such as Pharrell, Sean Paul, Mr. Fox and more, we can only guess that this EP is going to be pure flames.

Our KarmaloopTV team were actually in Jamaica with Diplo last month working on a top secret project, and though we can’t give away those details quite yet, we can include a few Instagram pictures to prove we’re not just making it all up.

If you haven’t seen our previous work with Diplo, get comfy and click play below. Welcome to the video that revolutionized twerking on the internet forever:

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