Major Lazer Literally Tears The Roof Off Their Show In Brazil. Watch It Now!


With all the World Cup fervor going down at the moment, it’s only right that the [emuze]Major Lazer[/emuze] boys hit Brazil to turn it up one more notch (as if that was even possible).

Setting up at the Budweiser hotel over looking the beach, the trio literally almost tears the whole spot down, with an array of lights, EDM and action. If you’ve never seen [emuze]Major Lazer[/emuze] live, just ask someone who has and watch their face get wildly animated real quick. Click play to watch it from the comfort of your couch and try to make it the next time they are in your city. It looks like our invite for this must’ve got lost in the mail, but it’s all good.

If this wasn’t enough for you, watch what happened the last time we went to Jamaica with [emuze]Diplo[/emuze] and the gang to film “Lose Yourself”




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