Use Sharpies To Make Your New MISHKA Hat. No, Really.


There’s never a dull moment in streetwear. The minute you think things are drying up, *BAM*, some new shit drops and it blows your mind. This time around, it’s MISHKA and their new Create Your Own Fitted Cap. Using custom colored, MISHKA sharpie pens, you can draw within the traditional “Mishka Eye” and color it to your preferences. This means that no two people can have the cap. That alone makes it pretty worth it.

Check out the pictures below to peep the dope under brim, and how you can get it to look if you do it right.




If this fitted is not quite your steez, check out these other fire caps from MISHKA. 


In other news, Greg Mishka just happens to need an intern. You’re welcome.

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