What Makes This New Starkey Joint Like No Other Dubstep Song?

Smog city starkey stroll

Hearing a track like this really makes you think.

Regardless of what the bros have turned it into, dubstep will always be great because it changed the beat game by cutting time in half. Any 90s rave-goer would have lost their mind if they heard a 140 bpm snare build up break into a cut-time beat, but now it’s a dance music standard. It’s broken off into several splinter sounds and each one employs a distinct set of sounds. This new Starkey joint really makes you consider the differences by mixing up trap hi-hats with more dubstep-ish kick and snare, and suddenly shifting to some epic rave strings. All in all, it’s a weird ride through a lot of different eras of electronic music and is well worth four minutes of your time.

However, because Spin is on that exclusivity tip, we can’t embed the full version of “Stroll.” So you’ll only have to waste about 38 seconds with us before going here to hear the full one.

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