Meek Mill Inspires Miley Cyrus To Embrace Her Spirit Animal With DC3


Meek Mill always seems to promote his mixtapes harder than his albums, and with good reason. In our opinion, every one of his Dreamchasers mixtapes have been stronger than his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares. Today, Meek is back to feed his fans with the latest installment: Dream Chasers 3.

If you know anything about Meek Mill, you know that he plays very close to his strengths–you pretty much know what you’re going to get from him every time. The content usually involves Bentley coupes, Audemars Piguet watches, Ciroc bottles and tales of past drug dealing, all delivered over high-energy trap beats. He maintains the same formula for DC3, but, luckily for Meek, he does it well. Highlights on the tape include “Make Me,” “Lil Nigga Snupe,” and “Heaven or Hell,” but there are definitely some other bangers on here. We recommend you give this a listen. Download/stream Dreamchasers 3 via DatPiff HERE.

Before we even listened to this project we were impressed by the artwork. These days, whenever an entertainer does anything that causes the slightest splash, an avalanche of imitators hop on the bandwagon within seconds. When Meek Mill posted the cover art for his upcoming album on Instagram, his compadres were obviously impressed. Meek couldn’t have expected the biggest stars in the game to be so inspired by his lion-hearted album cover–but they were. Here are five album covers released in the past week which don’t hide the fact that they were inspired by the Philly emcee.

Miley Cyrus

It seems like Miley can’t decide. Is she a rambunctious, uber-sexual twerkaholic, or an innocent Disney princess? Her take on Meek’s cover truly captures the dichotomy that’s seeded deep within her confused psyche.


When Nas said Jay was a camel-looking motherfucker (or something like that), it hit close to home. It’s good to see Hov finally come to terms with his ancestry and embrace his camel-side.

Nikki Minaj

Nicki started “baaa-ing” as an experiment. She just wanted to be different from every other rapper–bleating did the trick. What she didn’t expect is that it would feel so…right. Now, she’s announced a new album which will feature no actual english words, instead only sheep-inspired crooning.


Drake mastered duck-facery early in his career. Some call him the godfather of the duck-face. He’s inspired a whole generation of teenage girls to purse their lips as far out as possible every time they see a camera pointed in their direction.


When Macklemore announced that his new album would tackle the sensitive topic of equestrianism, the whole world rejoiced, with one important exception. Sources now report that Sarah Jessica Parker will be suing the Seattle rapper for Trade Mark infringement.

If you are out here chasing dreams like Meek, make sure you look good while doing it:

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