Meet The Brand: What Makes Apliiq Different From Every Other Streetwear Company?


We sat down with Ethan Lipsitz, the CEO and Co-Founder of LA-based brand, Apliiq.  about his brand Apliiq. Making unique, handmade cut and sew gear for the last 6 years, we asked about his inspirations, aspirations and what makes Apliiq so different. 

1) Let’s start off with a little background. When, where and how was Apliiq born?

Apliiq started with a needle and thread. When I was young, I rummaged through my mom’s fabric scraps and sewed them on hoodies to make my clothes more personal. Friends took notice and I started making one of a kind, custom hoodies for them. While in college, I began collecting fabrics with inherent histories – whether a renowned style (houndstooth, herringbone, paisley, plaid), or the era it was produced (quintessential 60s or 80s vibe), or where I eventually discovered it (in backrooms and storage basements) – every fabric tells a story. That is the basis of apliiq – using fabric to make clothing expressive and personal.

2) How has being based in California influenced your designs?

Being in California has made Apliiq what it is today! We’re at the epicenter of the largest manufacturing hub in the entire United States. All Apliiq products are handmade to order from the Apliiq workshop in downtown LA.

3) Describe the style of your brand in 10 words or less.

Founded on fabric, designed by you, handmade by Apliiq

4) What do you think your greatest achievement has been so far?

Since 2008, Apliiq has led the movement of fabric applique designs and pioneered made to order customization of apparel with fabric appliques.

5) What makes Apliiq different than everyone else in the game?

All Apliiq is customizable and designed by our community, that means you can create your own Apliiq designs with any of our garments and fabrics!

6) Tell us about your favorite collection that’s been made.

Over the years, Apliiq has collected fabrics of all kinds. Some of our personal favorites have been from our Junk Food Collection (including nachos, pizza, and pancakes fabrics), Animals (who could resist puppies and kittens?!) and Granny style florals that add a nice classic touch to any every day tees.

7) What advice would you give to someone trying to make it in the streetwear industry today?

The streetwear industry may be ruthless, but you don’t have to be. Be supportive, be open, be compassionate, be smart, be creative, be fun and most of all be grateful… on that note, big thanks to all our supporters!

8) What’s on the horizon for Apliiq in 2014?

Apliiq wants to give more creativity to you! Apliiq is preparing to launch a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money to buy a laser cutter, the tool that will allow us to cut and sew any fabric shape you can imagine. Stay tuned!

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