MGMT’s New Album’s Tracklist As A Sci-Fi Eulogy


So, MGMT’s new album is up for stream. For anyone who has been waiting patiently for the last three years since the earth-shaking release of Congratulations, it’s one hell of day. We managed to contain our excitement, but not enough to avoid this weird old habit of ours: turning newly released tracklistings into weird stories that our brains conjure when reading them. Check out the stream below and check out our version of the events.

A Eulogy for Xenophar

Some called Xenophar a filthy criminal, but I knew him to be a great man. Yes, I was a regular customer, but I promise you–I’m not biased.

He always wanted his funeral to be a celebration. He asked me, on his death bed, to promise him that I would blast Cool Song No. 2 on repeat, on the off chance that the rhythms would bring him back from the dead and he would jump out of his coffin, laughing and dancing.

He was an weathered, talented Venetian, one of the few who had memories of the Alien Days of lore. When he was 11, his parents passed from the Mystery Disease that destroyed the majority of their generation, but instead of letting the grief cripple him as it did his peers, he embraced it–calling it A Good Sadness.

He channeled his sorrow and Introspection, forging himself into An Orphan of Fortune, a peddler of Astro-Mancy, a pimp who fished with ease, plucking women from the sea and turning their desire into hard cash, then discarding them once the money was in his pocket. “Plenty of Girls in the Sea,” he’d often say with a sly smile.

Xerophar was never one to take advantage–see, he was simply fearless. He refused to adhere to the false moral dichotomies imposed on us by society. I like to think that when death finally cornered him, their conversation went something like this:

Your Life Is a Lie.” Death’s finger cast a long shadow across Xenophar’s pale body.

I Love You Too, Death.”

Rest in peace, brother. You will be dearly missed.


01 Alien Days
02 Cool Song No. 2
03 Mystery Disease
04 Introspection
05 Your Life Is a Lie
06 A Good Sadness
07 Astro-Mancy
08 I Love You Too, Death
09 Plenty Of Girls in the Sea
10 An Orphan of Fortune


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