Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE Doesn’t Miss A Beat Even After All These Years


If you’ve heard the rumors, then you know that [emuze]Michael Jackson[/emuze] is purported to have recorded hundreds of unreleased songs in his career. Though most times artists (or their estates) release posthumous albums, they turn out to be kinda “meh”, XSCAPE is nothing like that. A cohesive album, masterfully executive produced by [emuze]Timbaland[/emuze], this is one that will potentially catapult the status of the already venerated King of Pop.

The album beings with two instant classics in “Love Never Felt So Good” and “Chicago.” Channeling that classic MJ bounce and feel, these two joints set the perfect mood. MJ goes through many routines on this album, from catchy pop to more introspective writing, showcased on the poignant “Do You Know Where Your Children Are,” which explores the topic of child prostitution and parenting. The album ends on a strong note with the melodically interesting “Blue Gangster” which left us feeling like MJ was still very much here and performing. Honestly, listening to this album, it’s hard to discern what was put together before or after his death, as everything comes together fluidly, sounding much more sonically coherent than most major label albums out right now.

You can stream XSCAPE here it it’s entirety and enjoy the sounds that we once took for granted.





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