Miley Cyrus’ Guide To Surviving A Break-Up

Miley Cyrus just dropped a stripped-down, emotional video for “Wrecking Ball,” the second single off her upcoming record, Bangerz. With the recent popularity of Smiley Miley’s video for “We Can’t Stop” we decided to come up with a style guide based on her videos.

Although, as we started going through the video we realized Miley had actually released a self help guide to surviving a break up. A guide that breaks down the importance of taking out you anger productively, expressing your true feelings and letting go of the past.

Watch closely and you’ll see her steps to surviving a breakup:

Real tears.

Step One: Post a YouTube testimonial about how hard break-ups can be and how you can’t live without that person…

Brick walls

Step Two: Build a wall in the middle of a warehouse, strip down to your chonies and buy your ass a sludge hammer.

Miley with a sledgehammer

Step Three: Start beating the hell out of said wall while looking longingly at the ground.

Sledgehammer pilllow

Step Four: Pass out on the pile of your wreckage while using the sludge hammer as a comfy pillow.


Finale: In the end, all you really need to do is put on a pair of crispy Dr. Martens boots, place your naked ass on a wrecking ball and cry it out. If nothing else you’ll get your style game popping.


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