Staff Selects: Keep Watch On All Your Haters With Mishka


Ok, so you don’t care about your haters, but you better believe they care about you. Whether it’s throwing shade from a far or saying it to your face (you mad!?), haters are like gnats. Just annoying and everywhere. Lucky for you, you can keep yourself hater-proof by copping the right gear and turning your swag up to [emuze]Soulja Boy[/emuze] levels when necessary.

Mishka hits us with a bold tee for the summertime, in their infamous “Keep Watch” motif, taking the “all seeing eye” to the next level. Though most of us don’t have such veiny eyes (at least, we hope not), we can’t even front like they look kinda cool in blue. Click below to scroll through and head to Karmaloop if you’re ready to add it to your wardrobe. Karmaloop_Guru_CTA_Click_to_Shop_DSC6230_DSC6229

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