The MISSKL Spend Another Night Out. This Time, It’s With Childish Gambino!

Another day, another MissKL Nite Out. And just when we thought we couldn’t top of our last one with Ryan Hemsworth, enter the challenger: The The House of Blues with Childish Gambino. Two words: aaahhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhh!

Obviously I had to get right for my boo. I wore a red halter top with cheetah print shorts, my absolute FAVORITE House of Holland garter tightsHUF weed socks (because..), and tied it all together with my Vans Sk8 Hi’s. Wearing booty shorts when it was 20 degrees and pouring probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but nothing stops a MissKL girl from looking right, especially when our bae Donald Glover is involved.


To speak on the show, his stage presence is so approachable and vibrant, it’s mindblowing. He literally goes crazy at times, bouncing back and forth from one side of the stage to the other. I was screaming and/or mildly in tears for most of the show, but that’s for another day. Every time he came over to our side of the stage, I was shrieking at the top of my lungs and woke up the next morning with no voice. Cool story bro.

image006  GambinoMissKL8

The only “bad” thing I would say about this show is that it was all ages (nothing like a 12 year old in braces to remind you that you’re 22). The live band was perfect and added a really cool vibe. Of course, Donald was incredible, getting his Drizzy on and riffing all over everyone’s favorite songs. This was the first time I’ve seen him perform live since the Camp tour a few years ago, and he sang a lot more during this performance (which I was NOT complaining about).

And now, *drum roll please*, please allow me to give some of you rookies a lesson in world of Childish Gambino. Please, pull up and take a seat. 

If you’re just waking up from the hibernation on Bino’ and you don’t know where to start, (first of all, where the f*ck have you been?), start with a little Freaks and Geeks. People sleep on ‘Royalty’ all day, so I’d recommend RIP (Bun B lovers unite), Make It Go Right (because Kilo Kish gets slept on like crazy, and needs to blow up), and that ill Pound Cake freestyle he did on Sway in the Morning (because it really is “deeper than rap,” and that beat is FIRE.)

Because the Internet, his second studio album released in December ’13, is the first ever album to come with an accompanying script. The script picks up where Camp left off, so you Bino’ virgins might wanna start with Camp then build up to Because the Internet. I won’t spoil that shit for you but trust me, Gambino is a genius and it’s totally worth the read. And I’m out!


~Paige Tutt

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