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Ever wonder what inspires the people who inspire you? If you are anywhere near the internet, chances are that you’ve stumbled across the work of @onlunchbreak. He’s shot videos for megastars such as Beyonce and A$AP Ferg as well as photographed our favorite cool kids such as Gitoo, YungBambi and more. His Instagram is so poppin’, it’s scary and we’re just lucky to be able to work with him.

Considering how busy he is, we never expected him to find the time to sit down and share some of his recent work but, luckily, we were wrong. Composed of original photos, some Tumblr finds and other things that have inspired him lately, this is a little sneak peak into the mind of a genius.

Sit back, relax and enjoy @onlunchbreak’s Photos of the Week.

(All words by @onlunchbreak)


1. We all know .Gifs are magically enticing. This caught my eye right away and I couldn’t stop staring; the stillness of the subject contrasted with the swaying cloth just makes my brain feel weird. And I like it. // SOURCE: TUMBLR

2. This is Gitoo. Being friends with a poppin’ model/host/personality is a photographer’s dream. Everyday he rolls into the office looking like he just came from a fashion magazine shoot, so naturally I had him pose for a quick snap. I hadn’t realized how good the photo was for a few days, but here you go, Gitoo laced in that 10 Deep poncho. // SOURCE: ONLUNCHBREAK

3. This beauty is my good friend Elissa, and she’s from my hometown of Lawrence, MA. As a photographer, you are usually very critical of other photographers work, but this girl is seriously one of my favorite artists. She hides under her cute complexion but manages to take the most amazing images in the grimiest of situations. I know the moment she moves to New York City, she will reign supreme. Oh, by the way she’s only 17 years old. // SOURCE: ONLUNCHBREAK

4. This is the most underrated photo I have ever taken. And when I mean underrated, I mean this should have broke the internet. This photo was taken backstage at Massiv. in Kingston Jamaica. From left to right, that’s Ezra, Jillionaire, Skrillex, & Diplo flicked it up after the show as thousands of raving fans were awaiting them behind the exit doors. BTW, Skrillex has to be the ILLEST human Ive ever met. // SOURCE: ONLUNCHBREAK


5. Beautiful girls are one of the most inspirational things for me. It could be a pixelated Blackberry photo from 2001, but if she looks anything like this girl then I’m sold. // SOURCE: ffffound

6. Happy Birthday Aaliyah. One of the most beautiful girls to ever walk this earth in my opinion, not to mention her amazing voice.. “Are You That Somebody” is always one of my GO-TO songs when I’m fake DJing. // SOURCE: Google Search

7. This girl makes me want to abandon my life and hang out with her whilst feeding each other succulent watermelons. I guess thats one of the things that makes me fall in love with photos so deeply: it’s that brief magical moment where you’re like, “Wow, I wish I were there.” // SOURCE: ffffound

8. I usually don’t like photos of just things such as alley ways, subway carts, buildings, etc. I feel like it takes so much more talent to photograph an actual human, that’s when you feel something, unlike when you look at a photo of a nice building. THIS photo however, makes it on my list because I seriously have no idea how it was taken ( a helicopter maybe?). Also, it makes my stomach hurt, so that’s how I know it has served it’s purpose. // SOURCE: ffffound


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