More Of The Same Artists Win At The MTV Euro Music Awards

These days, every award show is the same. The big winners from yesterday’s MTV European Music Awards: Bruno Mars, Eminem, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry. So, basically a reiteration of the YouTube Music Awards.

It’s baffling. Why are none of the artists who won actually from Europe? Are there truly no talented musicians from that entire continent? Will people ever get tired of seeing the same artists do the same shit and get “honored” for it by the same lame, giant corporations?

At this point, the most shocking thing Miley could do is just be normal for an hour. Of course, that’s too much to ask. First of all, she showed up to the awards in a skimpy dress with Biggie and Pac’s faces on it. That’s an insult to two of the greatest MCs of all time. Then she smoked a joint on stage and twerked with a midget while wearing a provocative outfit. That’s an insult to marijuana. The awards even featured an uninspired performance by Robin Thicke. So, basically the same as the Video Music Awards.

The entertainment world has become a repetitive shit-show, recycling tired, hyper-sexualized meme-artists until everything becomes so predictable and tedious that you just want to smash your computer against your head and weep. Where is the real shit!?

Granted, the MTV EMA’s were boring, but these sweatshirts aren’t. 


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