Nation Weeps And Reminisces As They Listen To Drake’s Nothing Was The Same


Drake’s new 15-track album was set to be released September 24th, but was leaked last night nine days ahead of schedule. We’re not going to post the link (you wouldn’t steal a CAR would you??), but if you insist on being a pirate, just hop on twitter and you’ll be able to find that shit pretty easily.

Ironically, everything¬†on the album is pretty much the same as before. Mind you, this isn’t a bad thing–we love Drake. His beat selection is always on point, his flow is great when he raps, and his melodies are totally Drake-ian when he sings. However, while he’s still spitting on that ultra-sensitive, emo-rap subject matter, you’ll find that his voice has progressed since Take Care. He’s more confident in himself. We’re not shedding tears while drunkenly calling our exes during every track–just for about 30% of them.

His collaboration with Jay Z on “Pound Cake/Paris Motion Music 2” is the stand-out track. The laid back, chill beat features vocal samples and boom-bap drums underneath perhaps the most overused Wu-Tang sample (you know it from “C.R.E.A.M.”) of all time, while Drake and Jay both go on about nothing specific with their signature, catchy, gun-fire flows. You can stream the track by clicking here. Based on the glowing initially reviews coming from Twitterdom, it’s clear that Nothing Was The Same will be one of the better selling rap albums of the year. We wouldn’t be surprised if Drizzy snags a couple of Grammy nods, to boot.


1. Tuscan Leather
2. Furthest Thing
3. Started From The Bottom
4. Wu-Tang Forever
5. Own It
6. Worst Behavior
7. From Time
8. Hold On We’re Going Home
9. Connect
10. The Language
11. 305 To My City (Feat. Detail)
12. Too Much
13. Pound Cake (Feat. Jay Z) / Paris Motion Music 2
14. Come Thru
15. All Me (Feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean)

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